Monday, March 24, 2014

New addition to life!!

Ever since 2012, when the Mazda CX5 was launched, i had always dreamt of owning and driving this car.
It has been so very often that i imagined myself behind the wheels, making my way to office, enjoying the cruise to work (despite it always being jammed up).

Finally, i can proudly say that i own it now.
Its a dream fulfilled and i can tick one of my 'life's achievement' off my list.
Here's a snap of my new hubby, 'BruBru'

Yup, i picked blue because i couldn't see myself driving the a tame color like white, silver or gray.

Nevertheless, i still love my 'ex hubby', my Myvi "Goldie" really much. I still take him out for rides.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hair flipping contest?!

Wow...!! I've heard of so many contest and competitions, but DOVE is one of the most creative i've seen this year.

"Hair Flipping Contest"

It's interesting to see all those bizzare yet interesting pictures that were submitted. I wonder how many times did it take to get that one lerfect shot?!?

Look here for the images. Some of the shots are really interesting! 

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bad breath? Sore Throat?

Cny has not hit the 15 day mark yet n here i m, already suffering from a nasty sore throat. If it gets any worse i think will be taking an MC in the near future.
Oh....i can feel a sneeze coming as i type this....
*sneezes & sniffles*


Anyway, was wondering if anyone heard of 'Betadine?'
Was thinking of giving this product a try. It'd be great if there was an honest review of it somewhere...

Here's the link for more info....

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So, valentines is just a few days are u guys spending your day?

Here's MiLO wishing you guys a Happy Valentines Day!


Since my birthday is like, 3 days before valentines, i was kinda planning to have a short coffee session with a few of my Sherlockian buddies. Well, not all of them, just only me, John (Tsu) and Mycorft (Xanthe).
Just a short one to at Starbucks. Redeem my cake n well....maybe requestsome german gift coz tsu is flying off to Germany the next morning ( for work. Lol...if she it were for pleasure i definitely would go BOH JIOOOOOOO!!!!!!) 

Anyway, valentines with awesome buddies is a wonderful valentines too!
Happy Pre Valentines peeps!!!! 

Oh, i came across this video which is kinda cute! 
It's by KitKat.

I cant seem to attach the video here so copy n pasta the link!
( still kinda new to using the ipad to post stuffs on the blog lol)

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

CNY 2014.........meh

Watch this video for the amazing Douglas Lim..!! Funny ad by him~~! XD

Happy CNY~!
well, i know it's kinda late wishing this considering it's already the 10th day into it.

For me, CNY far has been one of the WORST CNY ever.
So many arguements and displeasure surfaced one after another.
Why? because my parents love to pick petty fights. Those small problems, small mistakes, small everything could be blown out of proportion.
(when i say OUT OF PROPORTION, i literally mean into 'OMFG THE WORLD IS GOING TO END BECAUSE YOU SPILL A DROP OF SOUP ON THE FLOOR' out of proportion.)

I'm pretty glad i haven't taken a single day off for this year's CNY. I hate....(yes, you read right 'HATE') staying at home. I just don't want to listen to my mom nag, my dad shout, my brother's incompetency with helping out at home (in which, resulted into me doing EVERYTHING).
So where do i escape to?........... Office and Gym.

At least i feel more at peace in office and gym. I have understanding close sisterly like colleagues in office, and when i'm in gym, i can listen to my music, sweat it out, all in my own world.
(oh, don't bother contacting me when i'm gym too...i usually have my phone switched to 'airplane mode' when i'm in gym.....)

SO, BACK to nagging and blowing things out of proportions....
YEAh, today, we received news that one of our relatives passed away. My parents weren't at home when i woke up, so naturally i'll ask my grandaunt ' where's mom?'
So she in turn replied me that they went out in the morning after receiving news that my aunt has passed on.

When my parents got home, mom said to dad to tell me what happened.
I made a small mistake by saying 'oh, i already knew'.
mom suddenly went all ballistic and 'OMG HOW YOU KNOW DID YOU SPY ON US YOU TWAT!?!?!'
then i told them my grandaunt notified me of this.... and she suddenly lost it.
She went to my grandaunt and questioned her as to why she told me that my aunt has passed on.
LIKE WTF?! It's just a small matter, you were gonna tell me anyways, why is it such a big deal who told me !?!??!

then my mom went on about how grandaunt can't keep secrets and balblabla....and how she caught her red handed on spilling the beans......
i'm like..WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!?
Don't tell me if it were you telling me about the news, my aunt would revive and come back from the dead... NO RIGHT?!
no damage has been done! so why are you being a bitch about that?!

sometimes i can't understand what my parents are thinking.

Another thing is about the fixed deposit.
The other day, i depositted some money into an FD account. I mean, i'm doing this so that we'll get more returns than sitting there waiting for that measly interest rate of a savings account.
At least i'll get RM50 everymonth rather than a few cents every year.
Called my parents twice to tell them i want to do this ASAP because Feb is a short month, so we can get the interest payout faster.
No answer from them when i called, so i just went ahead and do it.

yup, blowing things out of proportions again.
I told them to calm down and i deposited it into an FD account. At least it beats having the money sitting there doing nothing.
It was all for goodwill but NOOOOOooo..... they all went WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO ALL THIS WITHOUT INFORMING US WHY WHY WHY WHY......!?!?!?!?!?
(shouting over the phone and all)

I know a lot of you guys will say 'cherish your parents when they are around to nag you'...
really, i do love my parents, but lately they like to blow small petty things out of proportions...i can't seem to understand them anymore......
I know i'm practicing cowardice by running away (staying back in office, going to gym, SOMETIMES even spending an entire day in some coffeeshop just so i don't have to go home)
but i just can't take it anymore!

and now, my dad is pressuring me into changing my car..... And not just any car...
he wants me to change from a MyVi to a Mazda CX5.
dad, i'm not earning 5 figures a month.
And also, if you'd stop being such a spendthrift, i would be able to save up more.

2014, definitely didn't start out well for me.....

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I remember i used to be so close to one of them. We practically grew up together. We used to spend weekends together, building fake houses made of manila card and make believe that we were millionaires (we have our own jets and limousine)

Then we became bestest buddies in school, and college.
We did a lot of crazy stuffs, it was as if she was my twin sister.
A lot of people even thought she was me, and i was her.
In short, we were the bestest best buddies in the world.

Soon, we went our separate ways. (i went to a different university for my degree and she, hers)
With friends influence in her university, somehow we drifted further and further apart.
We even argued because she was forcing some of her religious views down my throat.
(i'm not a very religious person, but i do believe in the big guys up there)

So with that, the arguement was never solved and we just let things be.
Slowly, but surely, we started to have less things to talk about.
She rarely comments on my fb anymore, and i rarely see her post anymore. (maybe she listed me under 'acquaintance'...well, i don't know)

I have no idea how this happened, but time eventually ate up all that we had together.
Ok, up till here... you might think 'yo gurl stop looking into the past. Leave that gurl and carry on!'

yeah didn't really made much difference in my life. I've met crazier friends, did even more extreme stuffs and had friends that became so close, we could talk about basically ANYTHING!

it's just that, i feel it's a very sad thing to lose a friend of more than 10 years. Just like that!
Now, i don't even know where she is, i don't even know if she is married, i don't even know what she likes, heck~ i don't even know how she looks like now!

There were a few times a group of friends had a road trip, but sadly enough...yours truly wasn't invited.
I used to remember last time when we had any trips/'s usually me the one planning and inviting everyone.
But now when they planned, they conveniently left me out.

Ya, doesn't bother me much, but when i first found out, i was hurt. I was hurt so bad i even wondered what i did wrong.
Yeah, they were a couple of times i said i was busy/i couldn't make it for a particular outing (due to work...i was the first to start work among them) but that doesn't mean they could just shut me out like that.

I eventually got tired and numb on what they were doing.
I don't even go to some of their weddings anymore (OH~ CONVENIENTLY, THEY REMEMBER YOU WHEN IT'S THEIR WEDDINGS)
I don't even join them for CNY open house visitings anymore.

i just feel that, well, If they don't value my presence, why should i bother?
MY REAL FRIENDS, MY REAL SISTERS are the ones that value my presence.
MY REAL FRIENDS would go 'WE HAVE TO INVITE hito for his, we have to invite susien for this, WHERE IS SUSU?!'

So yeah i guess that's what they say.
Live and let live.
You lose this part, but you gain an even better one.
Friends come and go.
True friends stay with you.

I love my buddies~

Saturday, December 14, 2013


i finally fell really nose-block-sorethroat-migraine-i-thought-i-am-gonna-die SICK!

And it's not a very good thing. It's so close to CF and i'd rather go to an event not having to sneeze every 2 seconds.
It's kinda annoying having to wipe your nose, and sniffle all over (especially when you have make up on your face...sneezing and wiping your nose...that's not a very good combination with make ups)
It gets in the way of contact lenses too.
i don't wear contact lenses on a daily basis...nor do i wear specs at all..
so sneezing all the time make me tear up easily, and it irritates my eye a lot!

i really hope that i'll get better by thursday latest.
i don't mind falling sick at the end of the event (which is on a sunday), that way i could apply for MC on the monday...........LOL...

GAh, anyway, CF in a week....
i was supposed to touch up on whatever i can today, but......i went to a friend's hse for a small birthday celebration, and ended up watching Hannibal till 11pm.
so .......yeah....

it's HOBBIT with the Sherlockians tomorrow....
SMAUG~~~~~~~~~~~~ <3 br="">
(and i hate those people who spoil the show....i received to many spoiler tags on FB/messages/watsapp...on purpose...those kind of scumbag friends.....useless perps...)

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